Who We Are

BEACN is a student-run, non-profit business consulting organization at UC Berkeley.  We provide our clients with high quality, innovative, and tax-deductible business consultation, and we provide our students the opportunity to work on impactful projects that encourage environmental and social responsibility.  Established in 2006 as an on-campus sustainability team, we’ve grown to be a 45+ student force of nature that consults semesterly for the nation’s most premier and promising institutions.

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Our Values

Our mission is to provide comprehensive strategies to our clients that integrate environmental, social, and economic factors in business decision-making processes. We provide students the opportunity to implement sustainable practices in a real-world setting while offering businesses strategic consulting services and research based on up-to-date environmental and business data.

Our Members

We intentionally recruit our undergraduate consultants from all majors and degree programs across the University of California, Berkeley campus. We look for passion for sustainable and responsible business practices and for potential for growth within our organization. Join BEACN today!

This recruitment practice enables us to develop an intellectually diverse and experientially integrative environment. We encourage students interested in exploring the application of environmentally sustainable practices in the business world to apply and learn how to produce quality consulting projects with local businesses and non-profits in the Bay Area.