Meet our Executive Board


Allegra Saggese


Allegra is a senior from Philadelphia, PA studying both Environmental Economics and Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. Her interests lie in sustainable agricultural economics and renewable energy policy implementation. She has experience working with water reduction technology incentives for California agricultural and the study of renewable energy transitions at the national level.

    Garima Raheja


    Garima Raheja is a junior from Fremont, CA studying Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is interested in using big data techniques to study climate change, and creating business and technology solutions to alleviate the effects of climate change on communities around the world. As Co-President, Garima develops the vision for a more effective and far-reaching BEACN, and leads the Executive Team in creating impactful professional development activities for the environmental community on the Berkeley campus.

      Vice Presidents

      Emily Yan

      Vice President of Internal Affairs

      Emily is a junior from sunny SoCal double majoring in Environmental Science and Environmental Economics and Policy. She is passionate about environmental justice, sustainable development, and corgis! As VP of Internal Affairs, she is in charge of planning socials and BEACN’s semesterly retreat in order to strengthen BEACN’s strong family environment. In addition, she works to foster and maintain relationships between BEACN and UC Berkeley’s environmental community. 

        Grace Pratt

        Vice President of External Affairs

        Grace is a second year student from Camarillo, California pursuing a degree in Society and Environment with a minor in Spanish. She loves being a member of Berkeley’s competitive ballroom dance team and enjoys surfing or anything else that will bring her close to the ocean. It was learning about the destruction of these ecosystems that made her want to help. As a Project Manager, Grace was able to work on the intersection of social justice and environmental causes. As a member of the Executive team she hopes represent BEACN and build a strong community between many different environmental organizations in the area. 

          Jessica Chow

          Vice President of Operations

          Jessica is a third year from South Florida pursuing a Nuclear Engineering major and a Public Policy minor. She is involved in Danceworx and the American Nuclear Society outside of BEACN. Jessica is interested in alternative energy sources as well as energy efficiency. She one day hopes to work for a non profit interest group that is dedicated to diversifying this country’s clean energy consumption. This Spring Jessica is handling everything from Recruitment strategy to the finances at BEACN as Vice President of Operations. 

            Manu Prakasam

            Vice President of Member Development

            Manu is a second year student from Sacramento, CA pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Outside of BEACN, he enjoys playing and religiously following tennis, watching Vox videos, and raising awareness about human trafficking. Since elementary school, he has been passionate about the environment, conducting field research, competing in and proctoring Science Olympiad events, and educating the community at local environmental events.  His responsibilities this semester include overseeing member training, development, and professional mentorship programs for BEACN members. 

              Sampath Duddu

              Vice President of Projects

              Sampath is a senior from Olympia, WA studying Computer Science and Engineering. He oversees the acquisition and structuring of projects for BEACN. He manages Senior Consultants and provides the proper resources to Project Managers during the initial phases of project development.

                Senior Advisors

                Annie Lu

                Senior Advisor

                Annie is a senior from Pasadena, CA studying Environmental Economics and Policy. Her passion lies in food and sustainable energy development. As a Senior Advisor in her last semester in BEACN, Annie will be helping strategize for BEACN’s internal program improvement and mentor a new generation of BEACN consultants!

                  Joyce Lam

                  Senior Project Manager

                    Justine Po

                    Senior Project Manager

                    Justine is a fourth year from Orange County, California pursuing a Business Administration and Public Health major. She loves to travel, play with animals, and do anything related to the arts. Outside of BEACN, Justine is currently working on her honors thesis on healthcare innovation and is Co-President of the Association for Socially Responsible Business. As a BEACN Senior Project Manager this semester, Justine is looking forward to being a mentor to her teams and pushing them to achieve their full potential. She is also working with BEACN’s Basic Needs Security team on improving resource access for CalFRESH recipients.

                      Karl Walter

                      Senior Project Manager

                        Kathy Lee

                        Senior Project Manager

                        Kathy is a third year student from Arcadia, California pursuing a double degree in Business Administration and Conservation and Resource Studies. She enjoys dancing and exploring Berkeley’s outdoor offerings in her spare time. Kathy is passionate about corporate social responsibility and is eager to help companies large and small understand what it means to be sustainable and how to achieve it.

                          Palak Thakur

                          Senior Advisor

                          Palak is a senior from Southern California studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is interested in energy efficiency and engineering, especially in the development and implementation of solar energy projects.

                            Reinaldo Tendean

                            Senior Advisor

                            Reinaldo is a fourth year student from Jakarta, Indonesia pursuing a degree in Materials Science and Engineering. On his free time, he enjoys exploring new things to do, traveling around the world, and playing sports such as soccer, basketball, and many others! Coming from a developing country that suffers from pollution and poverty, Reinaldo is passionate in social impact including sustainability, education, and poverty alleviation. In order to give back to the community. 

                              Vineet Nair

                              Senior Advisor

                              Vineet is a senior from Dubai, United Arab Emirates studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics, with a minor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. He is passionate about design, manufacturing, energy, and systems efficiency as well as strategy consulting and sustainable businesses.