Comprehensive Services for Diverse Clients

BEACN offers consulting services for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental institutions seeking strategic insights, financial analysis, and business research.

Our consulting project teams organize their research around a central research question or set of questions, often falling into conventional business consulting services represented below. Each team is comprised of a multidisciplinary cohort of talented consultants and project managers, all driven by a passion to leave a positive difference in the world. BEACN consultants are chosen through a very selective application process and are identified for their unique skill set applied to a particular project team.

Administration in Project Teams

  • Each project is organized and developed under the leadership of one or two Project Managers (PMs)
  • Each project team consists of four to six passionate and talented Associate Consultants from a variety of academic disciplines, interests, and professional experiences. From such intellectual diversity, our teams provide uniquely comprehensive solutions for our clients’ business challenges.
  • Project Managers are mentored by one Berkeley-Haas MBA candidate from a professional management consulting background.
  • Projects last approximately 10 to 12 weeks, from start to finish.

High-Impact Final Products

BEACN prides itself on producing deliverables that exceed the expectations of our clients. Each project typically includes a PowerPoint presentation of high-level findings, and may be accompanied by a written report, white paper, or interactive product given the client’s specific needs. 

When one client recently asked us to produce a traditional go-to-market strategy, we incorporated geospatial data analysis in a comprehensive database. This allowed us to determine geographic trends that were not yet published in public literature.

When another asked us to compile relevant data for carbon footprint calculations, we determined that an interactive calculator — produced in three programming languages (JS, CSS, HTML) — would do the trick.