Our Projects

Every semester, we make a concerted effort to produce work in a variety of environmental and business contexts. Our clients’ needs do not exist in a vacuum: we recognize that our research must always draw information from a variety of academic and professional disciplines. Likewise, our organization seeks always to consult to a diverse set of sectors, including public policy, energy, food, water, consumer product manufacturing, and infrastructure. Our ethic of sustainability begins with a recognition of the interconnectedness of the environmental world.

Green Operations

We are currently 1 of 10 student organizations selected for UC Berkeley’s Office of Sustainability’s Green Certification Program.

Clean operations define our organization as a sustainability leader on campus. Events hosted by BEACN promote green alternatives: compostable utensils and packaging, organic and fair trade products, and composting and recycling options.

Please check back soon for a forthcoming BEACN Sustainability Plan! The Plan will act as our codified initiative to exhibit environmental responsibility in our operations, and set an example for others.